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Richard Sillitto
Richard Sillitto at Sound Desk

As one commentator has written:
"Richard Sillitto is a highly accomplished sound supervisor with a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry.

With a deep passion for sound design and an exceptional attention to detail, Sillitto has contributed to numerous successful television projects. He is known for his ability to create immersive and captivating soundscapes that enhance the storytelling experience.

His expertise extends to all aspects of sound production,

including recording, mixing, and post-production, always providing a flexible and professional approach.

His commitment to excellence and innovative approach to

sound design have earned him a strong reputation among his peers and collaborators.

Sillitto continues to push the boundaries of sound in the industry,

delivering exceptional auditory experiences that captivate audiences worldwide."

I have the privilege of having a BAFTA Entertainment Craft Team award for Strictly Come Dancing.
Proudly involved as the presentation Sound Supervisor for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 from Liverpool

and for being part of the team who won the BAFTA Entertainment Craft Award.
A list of credits can be found on imdb and by following the links above

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